Does Skylands Sport Touring care what kind of bike I ride?
No, Skylands Sport Touring does not care what kind of bike you ride, as long as it is street legal and in good working order.

How many members does Skylands Sport Touring have?
Currently Skylands Sport Touring has around 110 members. Members are spread out across the NYC/NJ/Pa./Ct.  metro area.

How much does a membership cost?
Yearly dues are $30.

What are membership dues used for?                                                    Membership dues help pay costs for operating the club: namely AMA fees, website costs, promotion costs, charitable donations, subsidies to club parties, etc..

What are Skylands Sport Touring’s ride rules?
The complete list is available under Riding Rules http://newstmc.sporttouringmc.com/about-stmc/riding-rules/

What obligations are members expected to take on?
A member’s only obligation to Skylands Sport Touring is to keep their skills and bike well-maintained so that it is safe for others to ride in his/her vicinity. Each member’s input into club affairs is actively sought, but participation in the workings of the club is not a requirement.

How do you prevent riders from getting separated and lost?
Riders must wait at each turn until it is clear to them that the rider immediately behind them sees them at the turn. This is well covered in the Riding Rules. Riders should also have the situational awareness of the rider behind them and notice if they “go missing” and act accordingly.

What should I wear on a Skylands Sport Touring ride? 
While Skylands Sport Touring embraces the concept of individual freedom of choice, crashes can happen on club rides.  The majority of these incidents involve riders drifting wide in turns and running off the road surface.  Riders wearing Proper Protective Gear (approved helmet (full-face preferred), leather or ballistic (textile) type nylon motorcycle jacket and pants (with armor preferred), quality gloves (no fingerless, please) and leather boots that are at least ankle-high stand a much better chance of surviving a fall.

Can I have a drink or a beer with lunch?
In a word, NO. Skylands Sport Touring does not condone drinking of alcoholic beverages, using controlled substances, or the use of prescription or over the counter drugs if those medications tend to induce drowsiness while on club rides.  Riders who consume alcoholic beverages or use drugs during a stop will not be permitted to continue riding with the club.

What if I don’t want to go on the entire ride?
Riders may leave a club ride at any point, but we ask that you signal your intentions to another rider before leaving. This is very helpful in that we won’t waste valuable riding time trying to find a rider who is presumed to be lost, but who has merely left for home.

What if I want to head home after lunch?
No problem.

Why don’t you start your rides earlier in the day?
Good question.  Most Skylands Sport Touring rides meet at 9:00 AM and depart around 9:30 AM.  However, since the start time and start point can change each week it’s always a good idea to check the rides and events page on this website before departing on Sunday morning.

Why do you start your rides so early?
Dude, you’d better keep the Saturday night partying to a dull roar.

How many riders are on a typical ride?
Anywhere between 5 and 15 riders.  We try to divide this number into smaller riding groups of 5 – 6 bikes each. Weather and conflicting events can affect turnout too.

What kinds of bikes do club members ride?
Anything with two wheels that is well maintained.  Having said that, most members ride sport-touring,  adventure style, and sport bikes.

What kinds of roads does the club ride on, mostly?
Skylands Sport Touring prefers two-lane back roads in rural areas in the Eastern/NE Pennsylvania, northwest New Jersey. the Hudson Valley and Catskills to Dutchess County and Connecticut.

Though our “official” Sunday club rides are always paved- we also do a fair amount of mixed surface  (dirt roads, forest roads, etc.) riding, as well as some occasional  more technical off road riding

How fast do you guys ride?
This is a highly subjective question. Generally, Skylands Sport Touring rides in a safe, but spirited manner that may not be comfortable for riders of lesser experience.

Would Skylands Sport Touring welcome my help and input in club activities?
Absolutely. Skylands Sport Touring welcomes input from members and non-member alike with club activities and at club meetings.  We encourage all members to get involved with with the club.

Where and when are Skylands Sport Touring meetings held?
Meeting are held on the first Wednesday of the month, usually somewhere in central NJ, and announced on the club’s Groups/IO email list.  Meetings are held at a restaurant. Try to arrive around 6:30 PM or so if you want to eat as the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM. We may also meet other times during the year  for dinner and weeknight rides, which are also announced on the club email list.

How can I find out about Skylands Sport Touring Rides and events?
Check our Rides & Events http://newstmc.sporttouringmc.com/rides-events/ for the latest info on our weekly rides.  members are also privy to our e-mail digest which will have short notice rides throughout the season.