Joining Us For A Ride

Can I ride with SSTMC before joining the club?

We’d have it no other way.  The best way to learn if SSTMC is right for you is to contact one of the members listed below before joining us for a Sunday ride.

We also have monthly club meetings, generally in central NJ,  that are open invite.

Walter Barlow 732 233-8078 (Remove “not” before sending)

A brief phone call will let you know what to expect on Sunday morning, and can help make your first ride with STMC both safe and enjoyable.  Arrive at the starting point with a bike in good condition, with good tires (wear bars not showing) and brakes and a FULL gas tank.  Riders must wear Proper Protective Gear, including an approved DOT/SNELL helmet (full-face preferred), leather or ballistic (textile) type nylon motorcycle jacket (with armor preferred), gloves and leather boots that are at least ankle-high, and  leather or ballistic (textile) type pants.